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Children of Takaya perform the Slahal Dance – Spirit of Slahal. The hand and spinning movements of the dancers were set to confuse the opposite team in the bone/stick/hand game called Slahal.

Directors: Kattie Coolidge
Performers: Leonard George, Gabriel George, Dennis Thomas, Kalup George, Cyrus George, Les George, William Thomas-George, Charlene George, Elsie Gus, Arianna Gus, Laura Gus
Key Creatives: Sebnem Ozpeta (Filming of dancers/drummers) & Nancy Bleck (background material)
Filming Locations: Belcarra Regional Park, VIVO Media Arts Centre, BC

FORM Commissioned Artist Sabrina Naz Film BONUM (2).PNG

BONUM*, 2017

BONUM (boh-noo m). After they cycle through two steps back and one step forward again, the dangers of complacency are revealed and the reward that is nestled in perseverance is imagined. Conceivably this is the taste of Bonum.

Choreographer & Director: Sabrina Naz-Comanescu
Performers: Natasha Korney, Rodney Diverlus, Ajay Musodi & Aris’s Nsungani.
Key Creatives: Aran Wilkinson-Blanc (Cinematographer), Sabrina Naz-Comanescu (Writer, Costume Design, Co-Music Producer), Aris Nsungani (Co-Music Producer), Shabunga Oudda Oudda (Narrator - English), Sherban Comanescu, (Narrator - Romanian)
Filming Locations: Calgary, AB



Different interpretations of the same word, a collaboration between a film director and a B-Girl dancer. Designing each movement specifically to suit the film edits, choreographer Kim Sato explores "dancing in a different light". The moves are sequenced and strung together as the choreography seen in the final product.

Commissioned as part of INTERSECTIONS a partnership between Cineworks and Brief Encounters.

Choreographer(s): Kim Sato
Director(s): Nathan Boey
Performer(s): Kim Sato, Mahkeela Hohl, Debbie Friedmann, Robin Tjay, Ivy Fijal, Menelaine Valencia, Lunacee
Key Creatives: DJ Kipraq (Composer)
Filming Locations: Vancouver, BC

FORM Commissioned Artist Ralph Escamillan Faux Solo Photographer, Yvonne Chew 3.JPG

FAUX SOLO*, 2016

Empty space, a human body and eight articles of clothing. Faux Solo explores the dialogue and collaboration between the body, sound, clothing and space. Each article of clothing dictates the next move into the unknown space; sound amplifies the impact.

Choreographer & Performer: Ralph Escamillan
Director: Nancy Lee
Key Creatives: Sepehr Samimi (Director of Photography), Stefan Seslija (Sound Designer), Donald Risky (Gaffer/Steadicam Operator), Jess Hawkins (Make Up Artist), Thom Robins (Hair Stylist), Linh Phan (Production + Assistant), Jonathan Ho (Production + Assistant), Yvonne Chew (Photographer)Filming Locations: Vancouver, BC



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Footprints in Our Veins.png


The body moves within the magnitude of Northern BC, Gitxsan Territory. With the landscape acting as a third dancer in all its movement, textures and colors are interwoven with the dancers bodies. The ever various wild.

Choreographer: Miriam Colvin
Director: Taylor Fox
Performers: Miriam Colvin & Brian Huntington
Key Creatives: David McTavish (sound design)
Filming Locations: Gitxsan Territory, Skeena River, BC



Approaching and circling the Bulerías Flamenco musical style through the neurotic qualities of dancer and guitarist. Finding our own personal Bulerías via our individual and combined gestures of neuroses.

Director: Rosanna Terracciano
Performers: David Matyas (Guitar) & Rosanna Terracciano
Key Creatives: Flamencura Ropa (bata de cola)
Filming Locations: Calgary, AB



This is a journal entry. She explores the relationship between self, mind and body while in a state of inner turmoil.

Choreographer: Martha Hart
Director: David Phu
Performer: Martha Hart
Key Creatives: Martha Hart (Concept), David Phu (Editor), Crooked Walking (Composer)
Filming Locations: Vancouver, BC



Small Itch explores what we put on. Focusing intimately on a woman sliding in and out of her denim shirt, electro rhythms drive Paul Finlay’s score.

Choreographer: Deanna Peters/Mutable Subject
Director: Aya Garcia
Performer: Ashley Whitehead
Key Creatives: Paul Finlay (Composer)
Filming Locations: Pure Souls Media, BC


SPLIT ~, 2017

This short film depicts an intimate relationship of two individuals navigating disconnection.

Choreographer & Director: Karissa Barry
Performers: Karissa Barry & Frédéric Tavernini
Key Creatives: Loscil (Composer), Rob Sondergaard (Director of Photography), Karissa Barry (Editor)
Filming Locations: Vancouver, BC

FORM Commissioned Artist Francesca Frewer Film  Winterfeldplatz and elswehere .jpg


How much do we communicate without speaking? Are we open to how porous can our worlds can be? Dream worlds collide when two sleepwalkers intersect and begin to speak between bodies, places and actions. The story, as the film was, is an attempt to build a truly shared vision.

Choreographers: Francesca Frewer & Hector Palacios
Directors: Francesca Frewer & Daniel O'Shea
Performers: Francesca Frewer & Hector Palacios
Filming Locations: Berlin, Germany



Inheritor Recordings explores the mutable nature of time, which in some ways might be seen as a causal function of the mutability of history. Using techniques both choreographic and cinematic, the artists question the relationship between our subjective experience and interpretation of time and similar experiences we might have of history or what we as a community inherit.

Choreographer(s): Josh Martin & Lisa Gelley
Director(s): Brian Johnson
Performer(s): Laura Avery, Scott Augustine, Maxine Chadburn, Ralph Escamillan,  Hayden Fong, Lisa Gelley, Elya Grant, Ellisa Hanson, Stuart Iguidez, Josh Martin, Tyler Olson, Jane Osborne, Diego Romero, Lexi Vajda, Jessica Wilke, Sophia Wolfe
Key Creatives: Jesse Zubot (Composer)
Filming Locations: BC Sugar Refinery, Vancouver, BC

FORM Commissioned artist Heather Lemoureux Film  Mothers Map .jpg


We feel vibrancy and power in her pulse; as she suffocates we suffocate. As we touch her magic we remember our story, our intuition and our strength. Simultaneously we recall our attachment to an endless pain, knowing that we have taken too much. And so we offer… Life creates life...

Choreographers: Heather Lamoureux, Lucie Baker, Evelyn Calderón, Rahel El-Maawi, Malou Kalita, Mu & Tatiana Musi
Director: Heather Lamoureux
Performers: Lucie Baker, Evelyn Calderón, Rahel El-Maawi, Malou Kalita, Mu & Tatiana Musi
Key Creatives: Evan Adler (Camera & Editing), Alex Mah (Sound Design)
Filming Locations: Fairfax, California

Nitab_c Interuptions.png


MoveandTell.com and Instagram shorts by @nitab_c are movement based videos mostly filmed and edited on a smartphone and published to social media platforms. The videos began as simple outdoor capture and edits, evolving over time to include often highly experimental media manipulations.

Choreographer, Director & Performer: Nita Bowerman
Filming Locations: Vancouver & Richmond, BC


*Denotes films commissioned through F-O-R-M (Festival of Recorded Movement) Youth Commissioning Fund